The story of a scientist and a wizard's apprentice


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Patchwork is a gorgeous graphic adventure where you control two different characters: a modern scientist exploring the possibility of travelling between different dimensions and a wizard's apprentice from an unknown race that will cross paths with the scientist.

Each will have different objects in their inventories. For instance, the scientist will have a mobile phone in his pocket, whereas the wizard will have a series of gadgets with powers to help him carry out different tasks.

Patchwork's gameplay is similar to other traditional graphic adventures: you control the characters with the mouse, being able to observe and pick up objects or talk with other characters.

Despite having a lovely storyline, Patchwork truly stands out for its graphics. The design and the animations are so flawless that most of the time you won't be able to tell it apart from an animated movie.

Even though it's quite short, Patchwork is still a high-quality graphic adventure, which is surprising when you consider that it was developed by just one person.
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